In the lifelong embrace filled with pure delight I find my peaceful heaven, my hearts sweet light I love that surrounds me, warmth that never fades A tender touch that whispers sweet serenades In this embrace I find my happy place A sense of belonging, A love that time won`t erase With every breath, my hearts beat with glee In the lifelong embrace filled with pure delight, I am free With every moment our love will grow In this embrace, our hearts will forever grow Through life`s ups and downs, we will stand as one Together forever, under the warm sun Our love will flourish, like a garden in bloom With every kiss, our hearts will beat in sweet tune In this lifelong embrace, we will find our peaceful nest Together forever, in love`s sweet rest With each passing day our love will shine so bright A beacon of hope, in the dark of night In this embrace, we will find our happy place Together forever, in love`s warm and tender space ശുദ്ധമായ ആനന്ദം നിറഞ്
  Food Safety day World celebrate food safety day today, recent years it is assumed to stay food safe from production to harvest, processing, storage, preparation and consumption Must make sure food is washed before consuming and cook food to kill harmful germs Don't take a chance with food smell or taste not right that is spoiled. As you grow your senses of taste may change. Food related illness can be threatening, Selecting low risk food like cooked and pasteurized is good option, always wash vegetables, choose sprouts cooked, processed cheeses, heat up meats to streaming hot. Store food properly canned and packaged items in a cool place, use leftovers within few days, throw away older. Remember the basic tips clean, separate, cook and chill when your food reach at home Put your hot food items in the fridge as soon as possible will keep bacteria from growing, it is not true should let hot food cool before putting in the refrigerator Nasy Mylanchi
  There is a lot if we observe whether it is Nature, Animal or Human in a different angle one can develop thoughts beyond the imagination Number of lives looted by diseases, slipped war torn pictures and calamity where we need new concept to shift the mind to refresh
  No jingling on the street that makes wake up, Chirp of birds and cicadas welcomed, Seems they ask where the mightier are limited for a while, Washed away the drops that were preserved, Disappear shades slowly, Wonder for a moment was that gift of goodness Resumed as a routine to drive away
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